Tuesday 1 September 2009

Synth Secrets Links

I searched for a list of direct links to the Sound on Sound Synth Secrets series. This site had a lot but was missing some intros. Here's an HTML file with all the intros to the articles, and here is the list on its own:
  1. What's In A Sound?
  2. The Physics Of Percussion
  3. Modifiers & Controllers
  4. Of Filters & Phase Relationships
  5. Further With Filters
  6. Of Responses And Resonance
  7. Envelopes, Gates & Triggers
  8. More About Envelopes
  9. An Introduction To VCAs
  10. Modulation
  11. Amplitude Modulation
  12. An Introduction To Frequency Modulation
  13. More On Frequency Modulation
  14. An Introduction To Additive Synthesis
  15. An Introduction To ESPS And Vocoders
  16. From Sample And Hold To Sample-rate Converters (1)
  17. From Sample And Hold To Sample-rate Converters (2)
  18. Priorities And Triggers
  19. Duophony
  20. Introducing Polyphony
  21. From Polyphony To Digital Synths
  22. From Springs, Plates & Buckets to Physical Modelling
  23. Formant Synthesis
  24. Synthesizing Wind Instruments
  25. Synthesizing Brass Instruments
  26. Brass Synthesis On A Minimoog
  27. Roland SH101/ARP Axxe Brass Synthesis
  28. Synthesizing Plucked Strings
  29. The Theoretical Acoustic Guitar Patch
  30. A Final Attempt To Synthesize Guitars
  31. Synthesizing Percussion
  32. Practical Percussion Synthesis
  33. Synthesizing Drums: The Bass Drum
  34. Practical Bass Drum Synthesis
  35. Synthesizing Drums: The Snare Drum
  36. Practical Snare Drum Synthesis
  37. Analysing Metallic Percussion
  38. Synthesizing Realistic Cymbals
  39. Practical Cymbal Synthesis
  40. Synthesizing Bells
  41. Synthesizing Cowbells & Claves
  42. Synthesizing Pianos
  43. Synthesizing Acoustic Pianos On The Roland JX10
  44. Synthesizing Acoustic Pianos On The Roland JX10
  45. Synthesizing Acoustic Pianos On The Roland JX10
  46. Synthesizing Strings: String Machines
  47. Synthesizing Strings, PWM & String Sounds
  48. Synthesizing Bowed Strings: the Violin family
  49. Practical Bowed-string Synthesis
  50. Practical Bowed-string Synthesis (continued
  51. Articulation & Bowed-string Synthesis
  52. Synthesizing Pan Pipes
  53. Synthesizing Simple Flutes
  54. Practical Flute Synthesis