Thursday 22 March 2012

Endless Series v3.1.2 update

Tomorrow I will release an update to Endless Series. This update is recommended for all users, but especially RTAS and VST3 users. Links will be sent out to registered users of the full version. I will update the app store version in due course (nothing major has changed in the standalone).

new features:
  • VST2 - added midi key labels for reset and step
  • VST3 - now supports program list (compliant hosts only)
  • VST3 - now supports right-click to bring up host's parameter context menu (vst3.5 compliant hosts only)
  • updated manual
bug fixes:
  • mouse wheel no longer affects meters
  • AU - fixed tiny memory leaks
  • can now load fxp/fxb files made with previous versions
  • AU - bypass now works in many more hosts
  • RTAS OSX - gui doesn't get stuck on desktop or steal key presses
  • VST3 - mono instance no longer crashes host
  • meters now work on load in x64 WIN standalone

Scott Abstract Cats has done some great demos for Endless Series, and has even made an extra banks of presets for the plugin. I will be sending this out as a gift for registered users in the near future.