Wednesday 10 October 2012

Endless Series v3.2 released

  • added AAX Native version (including Audiosuite)
  • visualiser now displays independent curves for left and right channels in dual mode
  • everything code-signed for 10.8
  • improved standalone audio driver handling
  • fixed hang when changing between DS and ASIO drivers on Win x64
  • VST3 bypass state now saved with host projects
  • dry signal now works in VST & VST3 version in Presonus Studio One OSX x86
  • updated manual
Independent curves

Sunday 1 July 2012

Moiré Patterns in Hannover

Recently I have been collaborating with German Sound Artist Benno Belke on a commissioned composition for a unique public sound space in Hannover, Germany. The composition makes heavy use of my Endless Series plug-in and custom MaxMSP patches. It will be premiered at 10pm 19th July 2012. Further information here (German text).

The following text is from Benno Belke's Website:

Moiree Patterns is a commissioned composition for a unique soundspace designed for the Expo 2000 at the Platz der Weltausstellung. It is located within the city center of Hannover and consists of sixteen speaker pillars in public space that form a 35-metre square. Loudspeakers are set into the pillars at head height, connected to a computer in the vicinity so that a soundspace can be created on the square.
Analogues to moiré-patterns in the visual domain, e.g. when two grids are overlaid at an angle that creates an interference pattern, this 16 channel composition produces an immersive organic field of sound, in which temporarily, polyphonic rhythmical structures, sound weaves and psychoacoustic spaces emerge and disappear.
These rich sonic patterns (complex acoustic interferences) arise when simple and almost identical synthesized sounds are played back in parallel that differ slightly in respect to one sonic dimension (their frequency, phase or other spectral parameters).
From an arrangement in which shapes of overlapping triads preside over the sonic organization of the composition a flow of complexly layered and almost tangible sound patterns emerges, not from “within” but in the spaces between the speakers - where sounds collide, interfere and unite.
Spectators can constantly explore and discover new psychoacoustic gestalts by moving around to catch these phenomena in the sound field. Depending on ones own position and direction of head this contributes to an active listening discovery process, in which the composition is revealed through an ever-changing interaction of movement, the physicality of sound and the generative qualities of perception.
Sixteen channel composition by Benno Belke and Oli Larkin

Commissioned by Musik 21 - Niedersächsische Gesellschaft für Neue Musik e.V. (NGNM) 
with support from Kulturstiftung des Bundes and the NDR
Platz der Weltausstellung

Friday 29 June 2012

Talk at London Music Hackspace 5th July

I'm doing a talk at the London Music Hackspace next thursday. Here's the blurb:

Ever wanted to make your own VST or Audiounit plug-ins? iPlug makes it really easy to get started. With just a basic knowledge of C/C++ programming you can make a plug-in using iPlug.

Oli Larkin is an audio software developer and maker of Endless Series – a unique plug-in based on the Shepard Tone auditory illusion. He is also developing iPlug which is an open source project originally by Cockos (the company that makes Reaper). Oli will introduce his work and show how he develops plug-ins using iPlug. Come to the event on July 5th, 7pm, at the Music Hackspace.

Thursday 22 March 2012

Endless Series v3.1.2 update

Tomorrow I will release an update to Endless Series. This update is recommended for all users, but especially RTAS and VST3 users. Links will be sent out to registered users of the full version. I will update the app store version in due course (nothing major has changed in the standalone).

new features:
  • VST2 - added midi key labels for reset and step
  • VST3 - now supports program list (compliant hosts only)
  • VST3 - now supports right-click to bring up host's parameter context menu (vst3.5 compliant hosts only)
  • updated manual
bug fixes:
  • mouse wheel no longer affects meters
  • AU - fixed tiny memory leaks
  • can now load fxp/fxb files made with previous versions
  • AU - bypass now works in many more hosts
  • RTAS OSX - gui doesn't get stuck on desktop or steal key presses
  • VST3 - mono instance no longer crashes host
  • meters now work on load in x64 WIN standalone

Scott Abstract Cats has done some great demos for Endless Series, and has even made an extra banks of presets for the plugin. I will be sending this out as a gift for registered users in the near future.

Monday 30 January 2012

pMix User Guide

Since I released pMix on the appstore for free, I've had quite a lot of downloads (although the Burp and Fart piano is still more popular). A few people emailed to ask how to use it. Here is the old manual from version 0-7. Some things have changed and I will put up a new version and maybe some more informative videos when I have time.

Thursday 26 January 2012

pMix v1 demo video

Saturday 14 January 2012

M4_u Convention IPlug Workshop slides & examples

Yesterday I led a workshop on IPlug at the M4_u European Max convention. In the workshop I talked about the main options available for developing plugins using C++ and the issues involved. Then I introduced IPlug with some simple projects. I had to skip a load of stuff in the slides, because there wasn't enough time.

Here are the slides and example projects which demonstrate the basics of adding parameters, processing audio, handling parameter changes and handling MIDI. There are also two projects demonstrating the integration of Open Source, 3rd party DSP libraries, Maximillian and Gamma.

Saturday 7 January 2012

Setting up IPlug on Windows Video