Saturday 19 March 2011

Povray Knobs

I've been working on some python scripts to make it easier to use povray for rendering gui elements (knobs, sliders, buttons) for plugins. It renders a stitched png automatically, with a transparent background. Stitching and compositing is thanks to imagemagick and this tutorial by Christoph Hormann. Windows users are spoilt having the excellent knobman, but afaik, there aren't any helper tools for mac to do it.

The script has options for number of frames, output dimensions and render dimensions. Also it can stitch horizontally or vertically. Here is a picture of a render. It's work in progress!

The scripts and povray files are available at github with some basic instructions in the python file. It should work on OSX and Linux (with a little tweaking). On OSX you can install imagemagick and povray via macports.
SCI-style knob

The real thing

Wednesday 9 March 2011

Plugin Jams #2 - Stepcomb

Some sounds from a plugin i made in 2004 - Stepcomb. This is a stereo step sequenced combfilter + resonant filter effect. The sequencer is pretty funky with swing and glissandos.

Still available here: 

(windows vst only)

I made several other versions with Max which had a slightly different sound. The synthedit version was the best though.

Stepcomb Jam by olilarkin