Friday 30 December 2011

Setting up IPlug on OSX Video

hope you enjoy my dulcet tones. Watch in HD in order to read the text.

Thursday 15 December 2011

pMix v1 beta testers wanted

I am nearly ready to release my next product - pMix (preset mixer). It's a standalone VST/AudioUnit plugin chainer with a preset interpolator for morphing between parameter states. I originally developed it back in 2008 and the beta version 0.7 won the second prize in the Lomus music software competition. It's only going to be available for OSX I'm afraid.
If you would be interested in testing please let me know.

heres a video of the old version

Monday 12 December 2011

Strange Vibrations II

A free evening concert of live experimental music and audiovisual art in the Rymer Auditorium, Music Research Centre, University of York - 7.30pm Tuesday 13/12/11

John Richards - Dirty Electronics

Since 2003, John Richards has been exploring the idea of ‘Dirty Electronics’ that focuses on face-to-face shared experiences, ritual, gesture, touch and social interaction. In Dirty Electronics process and performance are inseparably bound. The ‘performance’ begins on the workbench devising instruments and is extended onto the stage through playing and exploring these instruments.
John recently collaborated with graphic designer Adrian Shaughnessy to create a specially commissioned hand-held synth for Mute Records (the Mute Synth). 

Theo Burt and Tim Wright - Bastard Structures 2

A live clash of sonified geometry...

Wednesday 30 November 2011

Max 6 gui control scripts

I updated a couple of old Max JSUI scripts to use the new mgraphics engine in Max6. This allows the JSUI object to draw much more quickly and to support transparent backgrounds.


A JSUI javascript that displays a list of symbols. You can click on the symbol to select it. Then you can send a message to see which symbols are selected.


A JSUI javascript that loads a vertically-stiched knob strip image. The background colour of the knob can be set with an argument. There is also an optional readout.

Monday 21 November 2011

WDL-OL - enhanced IPlug Framework

IPlug is a simple-to-use C++ framework for developing cross platform audio plugins and targeting multiple plugin APIs. Originally developed by Schwa/Cockos, IPlug has been enhanced by various contributors. I have just published my version which now targets VST2, VST3, AudioUnit and RTAS APIs. It can also produce standalone Windows/OSX audio/midi apps and apps for Apple's IOS devices, all from the same code.

IPlug has a permissive licence and and comprehensive GUI functionality via Cockos' LICE (lightweight image compositing engine).

more info here:

Source code and example projects available on github

Tuesday 15 November 2011

Sunday 13 November 2011

Kasio M4L device @

New version of a Casio CZ-inspired phase distortion synth featured on the ableton website. More info and audio examples soon!

Kasio M4L

Monday 17 October 2011

Invisible Worm tracks

a few compositions i did a long time ago...

Invisible Worm by olilarkin

Thursday 6 October 2011

Forthcoming Endless Series 3.1 update

After several months of work, I am in the final stages of getting Endless Series 3.1 released. The headline features are standalone, VST3 and RTAS support and a new user guide. The standalone version is now available separately, for a reduced price on the Mac App Store. Thanks to everyone who has purchased Endless Series so far - please stay tuned and the update should be on its way to you soon!

Endless Series v3 changelog

13/10/11 v3.1.1

  - added user guide
  - added installer (WIN) and improved OSX installer
  - added VST3, RTAS and standalone versions
  - changed stereo mode labels to "single" and "dual"
  - changed "Waveshaper Enable" to "Harmonics Enable"
  - fixed visualiser flicker
  - program/bank save/load locations persist
  - now defaults to muted, to avoid loud surprises on load
  - text entries now filter/limit number of characters
  - fixed some hidden controls drawing when they shouldn't
  - fixed clicking envelope and midi reset
  - fixed crash with long preset names
  - fixed initialization of noise mod rate
  - fixed disappearing audio in autostep mode with a small range
  - changed scale root texts, to specify enharmonic equivalents
  - increased headroom in standalone for less clipping
  - corrected some help texts
  - minor graphical tweaks

02/08/11 v3.0.1 [Release on App store only]

  - added OSX standalone version
  - fixed truncated help texts
  - fixed click when flanger fbk == 0.
  - fixed some spelling mistakes
  - fixed AU audio input problems in Presonus Studio One / NI Kore

26/05/11 - v3.0.0 initial release

Monday 13 June 2011

Endless Rickroll v1 VST/AU released

Here's a little bit of fun. See this locked KvR thread for info.

download here:

Thursday 26 May 2011

Endless Series v3 released!

I am very happy to announce the release of Endless Series version 3, my new VST and AudioUnit plugin.


blurb: "A unique synthesis and effect plugin based on the Shepard Tone auditory illusion. It generates mind bending infinite scales, psychedelic drones and fascinating sonic textures. Endless Series v3 works as a tone generator, a ring modulator, phaser, flanger or resonant filter bank effect."

I have been working on this for what seems like forever. It's totally rewritten in C++ and is a vast improvement on previous versions. Hopefully future plugins will be quicker to put out, since much of the work involved improving my C++ skills and improving the iplug framework to have the features that I wanted.

Final key feature list:
  • VST2/AudioUnit plugin based on the Shepard Tone auditory illusion
  • Additive tone generator with up to 40 partials
  • Circular pitch ring modulator, flanger, filter and 24 stage phaser FX
  • Glissando, auto-stepped and MIDI stepped modes
  • Many options to tweak harmonicity and timbre
  • Stereo detune, phase offset and auto-panning
  • Quantise pitches to 14 different scales
  • Soft clipping, extra harmonics and noise modulation
  • Fast ASR amplitude envelope in MIDI stepped mode
  • MIDI reset-able for repeatable output
  • Integrated help system
  • 32 high quality factory presets
I have redone my website, and have temporarily withdrawn my old products from sale. These are being rewritten too, but they need more work.

max web control v0-1

I've been working a patch and glue code to control maxmsp patches from the web browser using net.loadbang.web and jqueryui

Monday 23 May 2011

Saturday 19 March 2011

Povray Knobs

I've been working on some python scripts to make it easier to use povray for rendering gui elements (knobs, sliders, buttons) for plugins. It renders a stitched png automatically, with a transparent background. Stitching and compositing is thanks to imagemagick and this tutorial by Christoph Hormann. Windows users are spoilt having the excellent knobman, but afaik, there aren't any helper tools for mac to do it.

The script has options for number of frames, output dimensions and render dimensions. Also it can stitch horizontally or vertically. Here is a picture of a render. It's work in progress!

The scripts and povray files are available at github with some basic instructions in the python file. It should work on OSX and Linux (with a little tweaking). On OSX you can install imagemagick and povray via macports.
SCI-style knob

The real thing

Wednesday 9 March 2011

Plugin Jams #2 - Stepcomb

Some sounds from a plugin i made in 2004 - Stepcomb. This is a stereo step sequenced combfilter + resonant filter effect. The sequencer is pretty funky with swing and glissandos.

Still available here: 

(windows vst only)

I made several other versions with Max which had a slightly different sound. The synthedit version was the best though.

Stepcomb Jam by olilarkin

Monday 28 February 2011

Suck (2010)

Suck (2010) by olilarkin

15 minute long shepard tone work out. Featuring mostly Endless Series Version 3 and Valhalla DSP plugins. This is a 2 channel mix of a 3 channel composition, that was meant to be experienced loud and was premierd @ Strange Vibrations, Music Research Centre, York UK on 01/12/2010.

Automatics Group @ Music Research Centre Feb 2011

The Automatics Group, MediaMix, 18/02/11 from mrcyork on Vimeo.

From a recent gig at the Music Research Centre