Thursday 6 October 2011

Forthcoming Endless Series 3.1 update

After several months of work, I am in the final stages of getting Endless Series 3.1 released. The headline features are standalone, VST3 and RTAS support and a new user guide. The standalone version is now available separately, for a reduced price on the Mac App Store. Thanks to everyone who has purchased Endless Series so far - please stay tuned and the update should be on its way to you soon!

Endless Series v3 changelog

13/10/11 v3.1.1

  - added user guide
  - added installer (WIN) and improved OSX installer
  - added VST3, RTAS and standalone versions
  - changed stereo mode labels to "single" and "dual"
  - changed "Waveshaper Enable" to "Harmonics Enable"
  - fixed visualiser flicker
  - program/bank save/load locations persist
  - now defaults to muted, to avoid loud surprises on load
  - text entries now filter/limit number of characters
  - fixed some hidden controls drawing when they shouldn't
  - fixed clicking envelope and midi reset
  - fixed crash with long preset names
  - fixed initialization of noise mod rate
  - fixed disappearing audio in autostep mode with a small range
  - changed scale root texts, to specify enharmonic equivalents
  - increased headroom in standalone for less clipping
  - corrected some help texts
  - minor graphical tweaks

02/08/11 v3.0.1 [Release on App store only]

  - added OSX standalone version
  - fixed truncated help texts
  - fixed click when flanger fbk == 0.
  - fixed some spelling mistakes
  - fixed AU audio input problems in Presonus Studio One / NI Kore

26/05/11 - v3.0.0 initial release