Thursday 4 March 2010

Autotalent vst/au

Lately i have been learning to use IPlug by Cockos which is part of WDL: a fantastic library of handy C++ code, with a very generous license. IPlug allows you to build cross platform VST plugins (and AU on Mac) from the same codebase. It is very simple to use (compared to the standard VST or AU SDKs, and the implementation for a fully working plugin is relatively small. Anyway, one of the first things I have done with it is to port autotalent to VST/AU.

Get it here:


  1. hi! autotalent is great. but after initially working, it totally STOPPED working in Reaper altogether. i noticed that the vox i had A.T. on didn't show up on an MP3 render, then i discovered AT jut wasn't working at all. i'm running OSX 10.6 and reapers latest version as of 9-28-2010. any ideas?

  2. Are you using version 0.2? I'll look at it when i have a chance