Sunday 9 May 2010

Repairing Korg MonoPoly keyboard contacts

I had some keys not triggering on my Korg MonoPoly - a common problem with this and other synths of the era. I cleaned the contacts as per the old crow tutorial (twice) and still some of them didn't work - I guess the conductive rubber had just worn away. Thanks to some advice from the Analogue Heaven mailing list I applied some conductive paint to the contacts which seems to have done the trick.

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  1. Awesome work, I have a similar problem recurring in my polysix. Got it fixed as per crows nest site a few years ago, but it's starting to lose contact again. Might have to try your method, my only concern would be the paint flaking off onto the circuit board after a period of use, or is the paint pretty reliable at maintaing its bond to the contact?

  2. I did this a couple of years ago to my Mono/Poly...conductive paint. Worked like champ.